About us

We work to closer you with the handicrafts of Mexico.

LEGACY MEXICAN ART, was founded with the idea of creating a space where mexican art and design converge in love with handmade pieces.



Keep the legacy of mexican crafts and embroidery, which are made known in every corner of the world with recognition of the artist.

Our values

We respect and value the effort and originality of each handmade piece.

Legacy Mexican Art

It was born with the idea of its founder Karen, Originative in the city of Oaxaca and who lived grand part of her childhood in Ocotlán de Morelos, a

province very close to the city of Oaxaca. Karen enjoyed the weekend travels with her parents that consisted of visiting nearby places, such as San Martín

Tilcajete, San Bartolo Coyotepec, Mitla, among many more. That´s how begining her attraction for black mud, alebrijes, textiles, embroidery and all the crafts that

surrounded her was born. This appreciation for design and decoration led her to study Interior Design. For many years he worked for a Danish design firm,

which helped her to appreciate the Scandinavian style and to seek a conjunction between ethnic and minimalist. This combination is the result of the Legacy

Mexican Art catalog.

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Each piece is designed with art and inspiration from Mexican artists. We believe in the originality of what is handmade, that is why all our designs are authentic following the artisan processes of each one entity.

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