Florero Torcido Turquesa


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Florero torcido turquesa  de alfarería punteada, pintado a mano con detalles de la flor de Capula.

Dimensiones: 6 x 6 x H 22 cm.

Shipping included to all of Mexico.

Michoacan Legacy

The Rosas family has been working with the dotted pottery technique in Michoacán for 45 years.

It all starts with the collection of the raw material, they grind the earth, it is sifted and a mixture is created between two earths that are red and white to give firmness to each piece.

Then the piece is molded and the design to be created is perfected to finally let it dry in the sun until the clay dries completely and it will be ready for the final part, which is the decoration.
With great patience, the artisans decorate each piece with small dots, shaping any figure that their imagination desires.
To fix the designs of its figures, it is put in the oven and the final touch is that it is enameled with a lead-free enamel.
El florero torcido turquesa, como ya mencionamos la pintura que se utiliza es libre de plomo, por lo que es una pieza que puedes utilizar con toda confianza.
At Legacy Mexican Art we appreciate the valuable legacy of our Mexican roots and culture by collaborating with artisans who love their work and pay special attention to detail, which is why we promote fair and local trade with the indigenous and artisan communities of our country.


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