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El tona de pez es una encantadora pieza que nos recuerda como comenzó este arte.

Initially these figures were carved in the shape of little animals to give as gifts to children so that they could play with them.

El tona de Pez está tallado en madera de copal  pintado a mano con unos hermosos colores vivos y con dibujos hechos mano de grecas y símbolos prehispánicos.

At Legacy Mexican Art we collaborate with artisans who have an ecological conscience, so every time they cut down a tree, they plant more trees to maintain a balance with the environment.

Dimensions: 10 x H 15 cm.

Shipping included to all of Mexico.

Este Tona fue realizado en San Martín Tilcajete y viene firmado por el artista.

Oaxaca Legacy

In Oaxaca, there has always been a tradition of carving figures of surreal animals in wood, in fact they are known as the Tonas or nahuales.

The Tonas or Nahuales are unique and surreal pieces, you will hardly find an equal piece since they are figures from the artist's inspiration.

The Tonas in the Zapotec culture are spirits, which are also called Nahuales and serve as spiritual guides in the life of each person according to their date of birth.




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